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#IDs for all

June 13 2007, 8:24 PM

I've added identifiers for all the modues (both main and side) so that you'll be able to style each individual module specifically. Here are the identifiers for your reference.

For profile page: #splash, #bestfriends, #aboutme, #contactme, #comments, #links, #stats, #recententries, #recentphotos, #favorites, #submissions, #skills

For blog pages: #splash, #entries (this encompasses all the entries), #links, #subprofile, #stats, #cats

For photos pages: #splash, #photos, #links, #subprofile, #stats, #cats

For friends page: #splash, #links, #friends

Since there are duplicate identifiers between your pages, to avoid inadvertently styling for across all your pages, I would recommend using the page identifier. For example, if I want to style #splash on my profile page, the code would be:

#profile div#splash { /*css code here*/ }

If I want to style #splash on ALL my pages, the code would be:

#splash { /*css code here*/ }

Happy styling!

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koescape: hellooo 07-24-22 03:30 PM
ingodwerust: *is there a way 04-06-09 01:19 AM
ingodwerust: "#entries (this encompasses all the entries)" puts one entry... 04-06-09 01:18 AM

Does anyone like the menu bar on Google

June 9 2007, 6:24 AM

I'm thinking about making the personal pages having something similar to that effect instead of the standard logo + navigation menus. This way your personal pages will be more about YOU and less about CB. And maybe it will convince some of you to leave the menus visible, since I see so many layouts already without the header. =)


Pongdang: see MSN.com it also provides 'personalized webpage'... 11-02-07 02:33 AM
lkajsfklajskds: yes, that would be awesome =] but what about the people that... 06-17-07 07:34 PM
protos: yeah. that sounds like a good idea but before you do that... 06-14-07 12:22 PM

Isolating custom modules for specific pages

June 5 2007, 7:25 AM

I added some element identifiers for your personal pages. This means that with clever css'ing you'll be able to isolate where to display your custom modules. In another words, you'll be able to turn on and off a custom module depending on which page you're on. The four identifiers are as follows: profile; blog; friends; photos.

On my pages, I have custom modules for profiles, blog, and photos, but not friends (since the friends page doesn't really "support" the module look). I achieved this by adding a class to the custom module (custombox), and then this code:

#friends div.custombox { display:none; }

The code above will only affect the friends page because it's the only page with the identifier "friends". Hmm, I wish I could paste some code here using BBcode, I guess in the future we'll scrap FCKeditor and I'll build my own editor supporting BBcodes.

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SarahxJoy: I put the code into my css and my custom module (music)... 07-27-07 11:20 PM
lkajsfklajskds: i cant get it to work...... =[ 07-06-07 01:35 PM
Blaqheartedstar: grr outerbox col3 to outerbox col4 custombox 06-09-07 12:57 PM

The photo pages are up!

June 5 2007, 5:22 AM

In the next coming weeks I'll continually add new social networking features. If you have any suggestions, please post here. I'd like to keep the personal pages ad-free, but I'm not sure if this will be feasible in the long run. If the photo pages start saturating too much bandwidth, I'll limit the number of photos you'll be able to post for standard accounts, and have an option where you can choose to be sponsored (ie, ads on your personal pages, or maybe just your photo pages, as this will consume most of the bandwidth). In return, you'd get unlimited space and access to the original photo uploaded (at this time, all photos are resized, but the original photo is stored on our image servers for future use). Anyways, if you find a bug (ie, when you get a blank page), report it here.


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lkajsfklajskds: lol, i was so late on the photo pages 06-17-07 07:35 PM

Custom Modules

May 28 2007, 6:44 AM

As you can see from my blog, you now can put custom main and side modules. Since they will appear on all your pages, I'd advise you don't overuse them. I changed the html a bit so that this function could be supported, so your pages might have slightly changed (your "footer" will now automatically appear as a side module). To get your footer back, copy and paste the code I provided on my side module. You'll need to place your custom modules code first, then the clear code, then your footer code. This also applies to your custom header, if you had any, with your header first, clear code next, and then your custom main module last.

Hmm, I guess this is a bit confusing. If this is too much, I suppose I can add a new field specifically designed for custom modules if you'd like. Feedback would be appreciated!

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shadowfax: I've yet to try it but very cool! :D 06-06-07 02:45 AM
lkajsfklajskds: if you want the side module to go under the web skills,... 05-29-07 05:02 PM
lkajsfklajskds: after the part where it says outerbox (both side and main)... 05-29-07 04:48 PM


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Custom Module

As requested, I've added support for custom modules by changing some HTML around (it might have affected your pages, so go check).

Side Module (footer HTML)

Main Module (header HTML)

Footer (footer HTML)